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: Bryan "Vince" Skalberg
Measurement: Circumferences
Ambitions: Working for the EPA and "busting" whitey. Oh, and biking across Europe
Turn-ons: "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" (I'm a Desert Storm vet), open minds, free beer/food, artsy fartsy stuff and of course biking
Turn-offs: Whitey, "The Man", closed minds, Disney (they use overseas child labor) and hard-core bracelet wearing RAGBRAIers
Strange but True: My hometown's watertower is in the shape of a Swedish coffee pot. The horror!
My Philosophy on Life: If I can't eat it or drink it, sticker it!
I'm Most like this Cartoon Character: Prince Valiant, because I am one sophisticated dude
My Favorite Thundercat: Liono- He carried a bitchin' sword
RAGBRAI Team I Wouldn't Want to be on: Team AA for obvious reasons, I need the bike fuel & the carbos
What I Really Want for Christmas: Whiteys' head on my Christmas dinner plate, well, since I'm a vegetarian I'd only pick at it
War, What is it Good for: Cheap gas, I'd should know being a Desert Storm Vet, nothing better than blood for oil
Movie Quote that Defines My Life: "Drinking wine, eating cheese, & catching some rays"... Kelly's Hereos
If I had a Million Dollars: I'd buy Eric a pee-cup for his bike; Chris a fart filter (I don't like the competition); I'd buy Damain & Rick the complete set of Chuck Taylors; Linda - different braces so she could partake in suckers with me again; Steve - a butthole; Heidi a different shade of nail polish, the shade she put on my toes clash with my green eyes; Laurie, aka "Mothership," a self-propelled bike for those nasty hills on the last day, the Mothership should not have to pedal; Arva a few more teeth, you have the space J/K!; me, just a big ass beer at the Wood
Worst RAGBRAI Song: Any crap that they try to force on us as swing music. However, that Diego van just keeps pumping out some good tunes
My Secret Superhero Identity: shaping napkins into the shapes of things...in the shape of...
Animals Don't Attack Me Because: they only attack those who eat other animals. Right Arva!
My RAGBRAI prediction for the next millenium: The will add another Roman numeral "I".
This is How Beer Makes Me Better: Everybody knows the more you drink, the cooler you get. Plus, Rick and I have solved most of the world's problems with large quantities of beer. Brain food.
Favorite Acronym: F.U.B.A.R. or A.A.O.A.P. or D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. (You should know the first; good luck on guessing the second; the third was painted on my truck during Desert Storm)
Bitch Rating: 43% bitch