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Name: Damian Moshak
Measurement: Come..gather around under my huge ego..It will keep you dry.
Ambitions: "Heheheh...oh you. I want to end world hunger...one Snackwell at a time."
Turn-ons: 19 to 1 ratio
Turn-offs: 99 (bubba) to 1 ratio
Strange but True: Your tonsils can turn into tennis balls overnight
My Philosophy on Life: You can never have enough hats and shoes and gloves and things...
I'm Most like this Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny...he's tricky, smart, hip, fast on his feet, and he is not afraid to dress in drag.
My Favorite Swirly Item: The cube. You could really stab that flag into it.
RAGBRAI Team I Wouldn't Want to be on: Team "wash your bits and pieces in a Casey's bathroom"
What I Really Want for Christmas: I don't think Santa would give it to me...'cause that would automatically peg me as naughty.
War, What is it Good for: Great army and foreign surplus clothes!
Movie Quote that Defines My Life: "Enough about me...What do you think about me?"Beaches
If I had a Million Dollars: I wouldn't be sittin' in this dump...I'd be sittin' in a better dump.
Worst RAGBRAI Song: "Strokin'" Duh!