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water slide
Name: Linda McFadden
Measurement: (or is that "may-jour" as one certain Steve Kiebel would say) Anyways, my favorite measurement is the angle to position a drawing table top which allows the greatest degree of slant AND at the same time does not allow your coffee cup to slowly slide toward you.
Ambitions: I want to be a dentist
Turn-ons: Really great color, old cemetaries, wide open sky, friends that correspond (take note all ye on friend probation)
Turn-offs: El Caminos, poodles, too much perfume, carnies at amusement parks (having to win 15 ugly little worms in order to get the cute big bear)
Strange but True: According to my mother, Jell-O is one of the major food groups. In fact, just as duct tape would have saved Rome (Laurie), starvation in third-world countries could be erradicated if only they had Jell-O to mix with their rice and beans.
My Philosophy on Life: WWMD - What Would MacGyver Do
I'm Most like this Cartoon Character: Cindy Lou Who...except I have brown hair and I don't wear a nightgown cinched at the bottom with elastic and I'm taller than 2'4". Actually I have nothing in common with little Cindy Lou, I just dig her hip hair flip.
My Favorite Ice Cream Stand Name: The Whippy Dip (in Erie, PA)
RAGBRAI Team I Wouldn't Want to be on: Team Larvae
What I Really Want for Christmas: Jerry Rice to make it through Post-Season
War, What is it Good for: Appreciating peace and beauty
Movie Quote that Defines My Life: "We're all headed for the void, that's why it's so important to cherish every, single, moment of life.........and not smoke." Everyone Says I Love You
If I had a Million Dollars: I wouldn't write a song about it
Worst RAGBRAI Song: Toss up between those 2 bubbas singing to Laurie in LeMars, the RAGBRAI rider turned wanna-be-acapella-gospel-singer in New Providence (when it was still a town...Heidi), and that 8-year-old-sunflower-hat-wearing little girl in Dunkerton.