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A weekend in Iowa City starts with partying with the Comers. It's just like RAGBRAI: we're drinking, our bikes are outside the bar, we're in the bar, we're drinking.
"When I grow up I want to be a bread-wanting stud muffin like my daddy," said the youngest Comer.
The boy has his daddy's eyes. Hopefully not his liver. (Shirt in background was not planned)
Later that night Bryan and I go in search of some construction work. Bryan finds some new friends.
I'm looking at some new friends. Who keeps putting these beers in my hand and Bryan's leg in the chick's
These Hawkeye LT are so easy to pick up With all of these girls swarming around me (and a Husker win in the books) how could this weekend go bad? [This is called foreshadowing folks]