Laurie's Recap

balls to the walls
Our new friends, Teams Balls to the Walls, enjoy a beverage or two with us. We love making new friends, but if they wear another Hawkeye sweatshirt into our camp, it's their ass.
xena is ours
Xena. We saw, we like, we took.
u2 drinkin?
As Heidi enjoys her beer on the street in front of the local whitey, Steve and Damian continue their U2 infatuation.
what's her name?
This is our new friend, Sutcher, er, Salamander, er, Sweaty, er, whatever the hell her name was.
trapped on the bus
Rick safely escapes the horrors of the Dennis bus. Linda was not so lucky. I've never seen fear so pronounced upon a person's face.
why are we always drinking?
I don't know how to stop Steve, Heidi and Damian. They start off every damn day with a bloody mary. Betty Ford will be sent this picture (in addition to the hundreds they already have of these three).
show us your tits
This did not impress the local Harley bikers.
This little horsey was so cute that Linda had to steal him, wrap him in a wet paper towel and stuff him in her bike pack. Maybe that was frog?

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