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When these photos were posted, you were asked to supply the captions. Well, it took some time, but here are the submissions by you, the wonderful viewer.


Photo 1
  • A Fizzler victim of Team Diehard
  • Get a room dudes! (Is that a flaming penis?)
Photo 2 Photo 3
  • Why is Rick wearing a helmet chiseled from granite?
  • Phil to his visibly upset young daughter: "It's okay, baby, just do what the strange man in braids asks and he'll leave us alone. He'll be gone soon."
  • Something you will not see everyday: Rick with a helmet and children not running away from him.
  • Which boy is really the dirty one
  • Beer is always a favorite carbo-loading snack on RAGBRAI. But few people know about the RAGBRAI delicacy of chocolate-covered little farmboys.
  • Well I'll be dipped in shit!!
  • I don't hit softballs