Day 6 - Cresco to West Union
ragbrai 2005
Q has a great set of parents
And a unique ability to make sheds festive
just how dewy was the freshly cut grass
Steve cant find the proper motivation
maybe a little farmboy in his belly will help
this is going to make a lot of Laurie pie
this wont affect my UC at all
nobody should ride behind these three today
our attempt to cover up Evil
F what?  F dubya!
this sign should keep all of us off your lot
now youre just baiting us
the town is starting to fill up
we claim the gazebo in the name of martini
many bikes arrive
bringing many thirsty people
and some hot tail
speaking of hot tail, you all want some of this
cant go a week without a little leg trauma
making friends with the only minority on the ride
steve explains to Michael on how to use a razor
where the fuck is Laurie?
the black death rolls in
pretty pink being led astray by the bad girls
we will save her
and take down their leader in the process
et tu Michelle
oh, what the fuck, theyre good guys
the first sign of Aaron - hes still fresh
oh Paco, my Paco
it feels almost right
now we are complete
where the fuck is Laurie?
and they put bikers in them too
positive power supply
you just cant stop Evil
thats why well join them
like this is a contest
well just snack now and get pie in the overnight
oh judas priest, what are we gonna eat now?
fucking sunglasses
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