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RAGBRAI 2008 - TeaMartini Rick's Solo Tour

It all started with the rest of the team coming down with Pussitis (again). I loaded up my bike with everything I would need for the week: clothes, toiletries, bike stereo, cooler, phone and chargers. If you don't see any camping items listed above, it wasn't an oversight, it was a decision I had to make: stereo or tent & sleeping bag. A big bike stereo can make friends (excluding that bitch outside of Boone) which may in turn lead to someone being extra friendly and inviting me into their tent and/or sleeping bag.

Important items from the beginning:
  • Thanks to Russ for driving me up to Mo Valley
  • Thanks to the Herman's for providing me a bed and AC (sorry about walking into the bathroom at 3:00a)
  • Got that Boomer point right away
  • Having your cell phone take a dump on the first day is not cool
  • Glad I brought that tarp

Fully loaded bike at the old dorm house where I was frequently fully loaded.