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TeaMartini Tunes
Bringing Good Music to Good People
  1. It's Martini Time - Rev. Horton Heat
  2. I Like Beer - Tom T. Hall
  3. Pick it Up - Grasshopper Takeover
  4. All Hands on the Bad One - Sleater-Kinney
  5. Orson Wells Peas - The Critic
  6. (alliwannadois) Fuck Your Hair - Judybats
  7. What Would Brian Boitano Do - South Park
  8. Cradle and All - Ani DiFranco
  9. Being in Love - Meryn Cadell
  10. Working Class Hero - John Lennon
  11. What's the Use of Getting Sober - Joe Jackson
  12. Boyz in the Hood - Dynamite Hack
  13. Spin the Bottle - Juliana Hatfield
  14. Ass Clown - Office Space
  15. I Believe - R.E.M.
  16. On the Ropes - Wonder Stuff
  17. Territories - Rush
  18. Standing in the Rain - Husker Du
  19. Shut Your Cakehole - SNL
  20. Block Rockin Beats - Chemical Brothers
  21. Blues for Godzilla - Bellrays
  22. Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols
  23. Up My Ass - King Missile
  24. Hash Pipe - Weezer

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Commentary on the song selections

  1. You just can't miss when you call up the Reverend. And what better title song for our team.
  2. There once was a time that country was worth listening to...and it's songs like Tom T. Hall's classic that made it that way. Don't forget that there's nothing wrong with a beer chasing a martini.
  3. A great band out of Omaha that has toured extensively across the country. They will make you move. Received high praise from Dave A. from Team Evil.
  4. While most of what comes out as punk these days blows (see Blink 182), these girls know a little about the true ways of the genre.
  5. Sound clip with "peaness"
  6. They're a nice little pop band that just have a bit of a fetish.
  7. Can't get this song out of your head once it plays.
  8. Heidi recommended Ani because she says "fuck" a lot in her songs. And she's really cool.
  9. If you can get your hands on the album this came from ("Angel Food for Thought") you will forever be pleased. Very gifted singer/songwriter who also likes to say "fuck." The girls on Team H.A.R.D. enjoyed this song.
  10. "Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV,
    And you think you're so clever and classless and free,
    But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see,
    A working class hero is something to be, "
    John is one of Rick's personal heroes
  11. Joe on jazz...you on the sauce.
  12. A contribution from Ray that makes gangsta rap fit right in with the music down at the Legion.
  13. Juliana's voice hypnotizes Rick. She's yet another girl who likes to throw down the f-bomb.
  14. Sound clip that dares to insult Team Diego's favorite musical artist: Michael Bolton
  15. Probably the band enjoyed by most of the team. Reason: talent.
  16. "D'you wanna know what this fight's about?
    Commerciality over art can't win out "
  17. Rush is Rick' favorite band and so you can expect to always find one of their songs on a disc. They outclass and out-talent the remainder of the music field.
    • The whole wide world
    • An endless universe
    • Yet we keep looking through
    • The eyeglass in reverse
    • Don't feed the people
    • But we feed the machines
    • Can't really feel
    • What international means
  18. This trio out of Minneapolis was the best punk group of all-time.
  19. Sound clip of a talent that we'll never get to enjoy again
  20. Good techno will make you hammer. It also has the tendency to piss off rednecks who think it's one step above rap.
  21. The pure energy of this studio cut makes you wonder how powerful they are in concert. The album was in short release and the only one on the team with a copy is City Girl.
  22. Snot nosed little shits Johnny and Sid. No need to say more.
  23. A poet who like to throw some music in the background. You are never unsatisfied with one of his creations.
  24. A strong finale provided by Bryan, The Idiot.