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TeaMartini Tunes
The Charm
  1. Leg to Hump - Family Guy
  2. Baby I am Drunk - Reverand Horton Heat
  3. I Want a Beer - All in the Family
  4. Naked Women and Beer - Hank Williams Jr.
  5. Solution and Cause - Homer Simpson
  6. The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism - New Pornographers
  7. I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses
  8. Whiny Little Runt - Family Guy
  9. Dirty White Boy - Foreigner
  10. Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous - Good Charlotte
  11. Symbols of Republican Party - Family Guy
  12. You Can Kill the Protester but You Can't Kill the People - Anti-Flag
  13. Head First, Feet First - Telegraph
  14. From Out of Nowhere - Faith No More
  15. Heineken & PBR - Frank Booth
  16. Favorite Bar - The Leaving Trains
  17. Sesame Street Phone - Family Guy
  18. I Love Trash - Oscar the Grouch
  19. Steve Is Here - Dramarama
  20. Perpetually - Samantha Jones
  21. Gary & Melissa - King Missile
  22. That Sort of Thing - Robin
  23. Don't Marry Her - The Beautiful South
  24. Little Bones - The Tragically Hip
  25. You Like Jimi Hendrix - Marge Simpson
  26. Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix
  27. Weed With Willie - Toby Keith
  28. BBQ Your Asses - Buford T. Justice
  29. East Bound And Down - Jerry Reed
  30. Uncontrollable Urge - Devo
  31. Dreamline - Rush
  32. I Don't Like White People - Reggie Hammond
  33. Had A Dad - Jane's Addiction
  34. Siva - Smashing Pumpkins
  35. Fucking Bitch - Miranda Hobbes
  36. Cold Hard Bitch - Jet
  37. Is it All Over? - Rocky and Bullwinkle

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Commentary on the song selections

  1. What won't a cartoon dog say that doesn't hold a bit of truth?
  2. The Reverand once again gets honors as lead off song and he may be foreshadowing this year's team theme
  3. Even Archie Bunker can be right every now and then
  4. If any song sums up a small town bar with a hose in the back or tarps on the floor, it would be this one
  5. Of all of the pearls of wisdom dispensed by Homer over the last decade-plus, this one could be the slogan for RAGBRAI
  6. Another solid Laurie selection and it characterizes most of the people we ride with
  7. Who doesn't? From the honorees in the title of track #4 to the crowd at Roscoe's on North Halsted
  8. Smart mouth talking dogs make me laugh
  9. One of the last songs that Lou Graham sang that didn't engulf itself in wussiness
  10. Even pop-punk bands know that whitey needs to be fucked
  11. If you have one ounce of insight you will not vote for Bush
  12. Real punk bands have always known that whitey needs to be fucked
  13. A fun little song from a relatively unknown Skacore band
  14. Listening to this FNM song makes you want to bike very fast
  15. A little Blue Velvet can be nice
  16. A fun quick hit from an old SST punk band
  17. Take that CTW
  18. Barb demanded this song be on the disc or she wasn't driving us around
  19. We are so happy to have him back after a 3 year hiatis
  20. Women could take control with her bit of advice
  21. Dedicated to our friends on Die Hard
  22. Robin not being preoccupied by girls? That's odd
  23. It was just too sweet of a song not to have on our CD. Listen to it with your Mom
  24. They are hip and the tragedy is that they never tour close to my home
  25. Who doesn't?
  26. For our Seattle-based Martini, Heidi. The world really lost someone great when Jimi passed on
  27. Who said that all modern country singers suck? Oh yeah, it was Rick. This one is the exception that proves the rule.
  28. Don't let little children you're babysittig watch Smokey and the Bandit. They will pick up and repeat this line to their parents
  29. A movie theme song that doesn't suck
  30. Yes, Devo has more than one song, and their originality puts most pop bands to shame
  31. As each year goes by we do learn that "we're only immortal for a limited time"
  32. He is you're worst nightmare
  33. There is just a special energy that Perry and the gang put out. They need to keep putting out music
  34. An early Pumpkins gem for my evil boys from Chicago
  35. Potty mouth lawyer
  36. A strong ending from an alt-pop group...just got lucky
  37. Yes it is...until next year