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TeaMartini Tunes
Plead it ... Down it
  1. Bon Jour - Willie
  2. Sue Jack Daniels - Reverend Horton Heat
  3. Bet you Look Good on the Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys
  4. I'll Stick Around - Foo Fighters
  5. Ruckus - Richard Vernon, Brian Johnson & John Bender
  6. Sure Shot - Beastie Boys
  7. Inaction - We Are Scientists
  8. Mega Bitch - Veronica Sawyer and Heather Duke
  9. Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime in the) - The Flirts
  10. If You Wanna be Happy - The Skatalites
  11. Freewill - Rush
  12. Sexual Dynamo - John Winger
  13. Hot Girls in Love - Loverboy
  14. Family Circus - Todd Gaines
  15. Your Little Secret - Melissa Etheridge
  16. She Has A Girlfriend Now - Reel Big Fish
  17. Dressed Like a Chick - Bender
  18. Little Bitch - The Ordinary Boys
  19. I Hate Alternative Rock - Bob Mould
  20. I Drank What - Chris Knight
  21. Open Your Eyes - Guano Apes
  22. Dirty Business - The Dresden Dolls
  23. Stop Jammerin' - B.A. Baracus
  24. Public Service Announcement - The Bravery
  25. Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
  26. Spanked - Jack & Stephanie
  27. I Think She Likes Me - Morphine
  28. Scooby Snacks - Fun Lovin' Criminals
  29. Where's Your Head At - Basement Jaxx
  30. Malt Liquor - Turanga Leela
  31. Woman - Wolfmother
  32. Run to The Hills - Iron Maiden
  33. Advice - Bluto Blutarsky
  34. Beer Run - Todd Snider
  35. That Sucked Ass - Eric Cartman

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Commentary on the song selections

  1. The Scottish are so welcoming and everything else is just crap.
  2. The good Reverend makes his 5th straight appearance as the lead-off hitter. The song's subject matter and the title of the CD once again line up. The stars smile down.
  3. As long as you're not shaking it to shit music
  4. This song was picked by A.L. (someone I teach with). She has a major case of the hots for Rick
  5. Two months
  6. It took some time, but the Beasties finally made the disc
  7. Nerdy sounding group name (a bonus) with decent song writing abilities
  8. Because she can be
  9. New Wave chick groups know what's happening in Rick's personal life
  10. As long as your happy, everything else is immaterial
  11. Rick did choose a path that's clear, he chose another song from the greatest rock band of all time
  12. The Aunt Jemimah Treatment
  13. Just taste the kitsch
  14. Just waiting to suck
  15. Everybody on RAGBRAI has a little secret...everybody
  16. Hot girls in love that don't need a Loverboy
  17. Who hasn't?
  18. Another good new band that will probably get lost in the quagmire of today's crap
  19. Just listen to the "alt" radio today and see what is now passing for music that is pushing the envelope - what a load of shit they're serving up. Go indie
  20. Those are immortal words
  21. "Open your eyes, open your mind"
  22. Just what kind of girl are you?
  23. Consider yourself pitied
  24. Michelle says you better love this song or she won't get you backstage to anymore concerts
  25. No need to say anything other than "classic"
  26. She was a bad girl
  27. How many rock bands can sound this good without a guitar
  28. For our friends on Mystery Machine
  29. You just need to get dancing
  30. Cycloptic women know so much
  31. A power trio that could be trying to get into Rick's good graces
  32. An 80's metal song that wasn't about drinking or fucking some chick - lyrics and musicianship to kick the hair bands in their sock-enhanced, spandex-covered junk
  33. He is majoring in pre-med
  34. A little humor to end the disc
  35. What some will say about this disc