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Saturday, July 22, 2000 Volume 9, Issue 1

No BBQ as Team Arrives Missing Entringers Appear
Omaha, NE - Late Saturday afternoon, Laurie Entringer, Heidi Baughman, Damian Moshak and Linda McFadden arrived at the household of Rick Benak only to greeted with yard devoid of partiers and grilled meat. "I thought we were going to have a big bar-be-que with a keg," stated a disappointed Damian. Host Rick worked to soothe his guests by filling them with Becks Dark, Bass Ale and Miller Lite as they sat on his driveway painting their toenails. Later on, the famished were fed by good friend Dave Sutera and his carload of Papa Johns pizza. An attempt to combine liquor and food (a fifth of vodka shoved into a watermelon) was later dubbed a failure and thrown into the ditch weed patch back by the train tracks. Omaha, NE - In what was thought to be the oddest coincidence of the day, Chris and Steve Entringer made it to Rick Benak's place a few hours apart. Chris caught a ride with Team Russelmania and was knocking back a beer when Rick and Laurie, Chris's sister, picked him up at a home in Council Bluffs, IA. Steve pulled up to Rick's driveway in his jeep that had an odor that couldn't quite be described. He had just survived camping out in western Nebraska during a tornado. Luckily the tent he set up in the Ramada survived the nasty weather. His jeep was not as fortunate.
Trovatos pre-RAGBRAI Party is Big Success
Omaha, NE - Hip Dundee area restaurant/bar Trovatos held a pre-RAGBRAI party for members of a few teams Saturday night. Attending were numerous members of Teamartini and Team Die Hard, a few members of Team Pump, Todd from Team Mystery Machine and former one-day riders Kevin Martin and Chris Byers. The management roped off an area of the parking lot for bikes and reserved the deck for the riders. Dual citizen Sandy Blight surprised Martini Rick by giving him a replacement Joey Lawrence doll (see picture at right...looki in Rick's pants). You couldn't wipe the perma-grin off Rick's face with a belt sander. [There will be a special section on this web site later dedicated to the adventures of Joey.] The partying continued late into the night without even a thought about the hundreds of miles to be biked the next week. Rumor has it the Bryan Skalberg, host of the Die Hards, passed out in his apartment and his guests had to break in through a window in order to go to bed.