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Sunday, July 30, 2000 Volume 9. Issue 9

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When RAGBRAI ends so does the drinking. Sure we overindulge during the week, but when it's time for the ride back across Iowa in the bus the body wants, nay needs, plenty of water to get you ready to reenter the work week the next day.

Why the fuck aren't they drinking? They are getting ready to go back to work? For cry-eye, whitey will be there long after we're in the grave. Fuck whitey and pop us open another one!
Dual Citizen Shows Some Skin to Get Ride Back
Saturday afternoon in Burlington was time of major stress for Die Hard Martini Sandy. She was in Iowa, her vehicle was in Nebraska, her job was in Texas and her driving partner was no where to be found. She had an excellent shot to go Saturday, but her concern for others kept her from accepting the kind offer. She'll need to work on that character flaw before next year's ride. She was able to secure a ride back with Team Pump (after showing off her well defined tan line) and even talked the bus driver into being her driving partner back to Texas.
Today's Naughty Bits and Pieces The Boys are Back in Town
  • The team was up and on the road so early that our hosts didn't even get to say goodbye - thanks again Mitty and Dudley
  • Breakfast buffet is good was to start off day
  • The Rick-Steve-Bryan bus jinx is alive and well as radiator starts to spew steam 100 miles into the ride back
  • Another big Martini "thank you" to Dave Sutera for picking us up
Omaha, NE - Martinis Steve, Rick and Bryan made it back to Nebraska safely and promptly went to Mama's Pizza to eat and continue their drinking. Way to keep the dream alive boys.