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  • Steve arrives and I'm still finishing CDs and packing
  • Trovatos with Dave and Barb (martinis on the deck)
  • Sleep through alarm
  • Finish packing and load van
  • Pick up Dave and he's rapidly turning into Dago De Laurentis
  • Easy drive up
  • Mel Gibson and sign (Teamartini-can we sleep with your daughters?) entertain other drivers
  • Make it to South Sioux City and meet the Marsh's...great hosts
  • Meet Ray, his wife and dog
  • Meet Michelle - computer geek and a hottie...imagine that...and I will speak to her naughtily from here on out
  • Heidi and the Entringer clan finally arrive - packed in tight...very tight
  • Set up camp and kids want to help...don't leave the tent doors open please
  • Nail painting party (See picture)
  • Laurie starts Baby Drowsy on the road to debauchery (See picture)
  • Return Michelle's rental car to airport and go find fun
  • Make last call at the beer garden and see Angry
  • Go into downtown Sioux City and inadvertently go into strip club
  • Bored dancers with fake boobies
  • No cameras allowed inside
  • Find more fun in other part of downtown
  • Run into Bill from Bad Boy and he's looking for a strip club
  • Things get fuzzy but somehow I make it to tent