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TeaMartini Tunes
4 Moreon Years
  1. Beer or Utter Contentment - Homer Simpson
  2. Loco Gringos Like a Party - Reverend Horton Heat
  3. Switch to Hard Liquor - Bender
  4. Bottoms Up! - Van Halen
  5. House of Fun - Madness
  6. Scratching - Dick and Harry Solomon
  7. The Queen is Coming - Grasshopper Takeover
  8. Come Original - 311
  9. Teen Angst Bullshit - Veronica Sawyer
  10. Bring the Noise - Anthrax and Public Enemy
  11. Fat and Proud - Steriogram
  12. Calls Up a Boy - Lorraine Baines
  13. You Wanna Get Me High - The Donnas
  14. Somebody Told Me - The Killers
  15. Shake Me Like a British Nanny - Stewie Griffin
  16. Girls & Boys - Blur
  17. Na Na Na Na Naa - Kaiser Chiefs
  18. Don't Fuck with Me Boys - Joan Crawford
  19. Filthy / Gorgeous - Scissor Sisters
  20. Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
  21. Come Back to Bed - Olga Bariosova
  22. Give It Up - Pepper
  23. Stuffing a Sock - Dennis Finch
  24. Baby Bitch - Ween
  25. Dream Police - Cheap Trick
  26. Democracy Doesn't Work - Kent Brockman
  27. Dreamworld - Midnight Oil
  28. Circumstances - Rush
  29. Stay this Color - Navin R. Johnson
  30. It's a Fucked Up World - House Of Freaks
  31. What Did You Learn in School Today - The Chad Mitchell Trio
  32. Beer is Alright - Rev. Lovejoy
  33. Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (with Lovin' on Your Mind) - Loretta Lynn
  34. Take Your Drunken Ass Home - Big Al Carson
  35. Toodaloo Dumbass - Mom

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Commentary on the song selections

  1. Homer carefully weighing his choices (something Ohio didn't do last November)
  2. When we can't start off the CD with the Reverend we will stop making it
  3. Still can't figure out why Fox pulled Futurama. Probably something that bastard O'Reilly made them do.
  4. Dave Lee, oh you king of the double entendre
  5. Not the one-hit wonder that you think. And just like Devo last year, you'll be humming this one all day.
  6. Something everyone does during the BRAI
  7. They've added a second guitarist now why can't the follow that up with a big record deal
  8. These Omaha boys know what TeaMartini is all about
  9. A blast from our team name past
  10. It will take a nation of a million whiteys to hold us down. This song is Mike's song.
  11. Have you looked around America lately - start exercising for Cry-eye
  12. The one movie in which Crispin Glover wasn't a complete psychopath
  13. They are the female Ramones - power pop punk
  14. Laurie choice and once again a great one. They've got that cool British sound without the bad British teeth
  15. A show that Fox realized they fucked-up on by cancelling and brought it back to life
  16. That cool British sound from an actual cool British band
  17. IBID
  18. The mother of all mothers
  19. It is time to dance! BTW, we are all fucking gorgeous (especially Steve, who put in this song).
  20. Keep your body moving. Big props to 50-year-old+ Tina Weymouth
  21. Obsure reference, but it is uttered so often during the week
  22. An easy ska-punk song, but it makes it because "Why you gotta sleep with my Dad?"
  23. That would not make the acorn count
  24. Just a sweet song with an even sweeter message
  25. Don't be surprised if the new Patriot Act doesn't include a provision for this position
  26. Just watch the news (and not that Fox News shit) and you'll see it's true
  27. Apparently we're not the only country that fucks over it's original occupants
  28. " Plus ça change / Plus c'est la même chose" The more I want to wait it out in Toronto until after November 2008
  29. That's right you cracker ass cracker
  30. Just in case you haven't gotten the gist of this part of the CD
  31. This song is nearly 40-years-old and the message is right in line with today. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
  32. You will now be returned to your drinking thoughts courtesy of religion
  33. The grand matriarch of country music
  34. Suggested by an old Spinney House bud. Good call Chris. It fits both our college years and RAGBRAI.
  35. No, not you, him. See you next year.