Steve's Recap

A whole train of young women, who in time, will all find a way to reject Rick.

When sagging, always find a local diner in an off-the-route town that uses "in the hood" spellings of common wordz.

A good morning involves a van made of corn and a glass of vodka with a tomato juice tracer. This may be the only picture of Eric (the one with the "I'm a damn good biker" jersey).

Although we party with everyone, we do have our circle of friends.

We weren't allowed to stay in our first choice for a campsite. Something about it being a public place and nudity wasn't allowed after sundown.

We are popular because of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Heidi and Laurie aren't members because they drink. Bad girls.

This is Heidi and my saviors. Long live Dennis and the comfy couches. Hippy beads and coolers of beer. Guys who fart and make the girl sleep outside.

You are always welcome at the Elk's Lodge. Beers are cheap. Name tags and olives are complimentary.

Being well protected (left) for the night's escapades (right).

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